Jakarta International
Literary Festival

In spite of its excellent progress, Indonesian literature has yet to be recognised in international literary platforms. There is only a scant number of Indonesian works or authors that animate conversations of the world readers. Increasing the number of translations of Indonesian works to other language is very crucial to improve the condition. However, other concrete leverages must also be taken to promote Indonesian works in the international stage.

The initiative of such literature event comes from the Literary Committee of the Jakarta Arts Council. This carefully-curated program shall be a bridge to better connect Indonesian literature with the world readers.

The theme of 2019 festival is “Pagar”. “Pagar” or fences reflects the blurring boundaries as a consequence of globalization. This theme tries to reflect the struggle of how contemporary literature is trying to confront not only local debates but also global issues. Apart from being something that must be passed through, fences serve as protector and threshold between the peaceful home and the wild world outside. Therefore, fences do not always concern the geographical borders of literature but also harbor the meanings of nurturing and preservation of local literature. With fences, we separate ourselves from the world but always with the awareness of our very presence in the middle of a much bigger world. In other words, it is about a local sensibility with global insight