Adania Shibli


Adania Shibli has been writing novels, plays, short stories, and narrative essays, which were published in various anthologies, art books, and literary and cultural magazines in different language. She has twice been awarded with the Qattan Young Writer’s Award-Palestine in 2001 on her novel, Masaas (translated into English as Touch, published by Northampton: Clockroot, 2009), and in 2003 on her novel Kulluna Ba’id bethat al Miqdar aan el-Hub (translated into English as We Are All Equally Far from Love by Northampton: Clockroot, 2012). Her latest novel is Tafsil Thanawi (Minor Detail, Beirut: Al-Adab, 2017). Amongst her non-fiction books are Dispositions (Ramallah: Qattan, 2012), an art book exploring the element of movement in the works of contemporary Palestinian visual artists, and an edited collection of essays called A Journey of Ideas Across: In Dialog with Edward Said (Berlin: HKW, 2014). Along her writing, Shibli is engaged in academic research, and since 2013 she has been teaching part-time at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural studies, Birzeit University, Palestine.