Faisal Tehrani


Faisal Tehrani often deemed as controversial author for experimenting various forms and proposing alternative discourses in his works. Andrew Fowler, a famous Australian journalist and the author of The Most Dangerous Man in the World stated that Faisal’s translated works into English, The Nurse (Misi), and Crises (Kegawatan) as ‘great narrative on the battle for ideas and freedom in Malaysia’. Meanwhile ASEAN Literary Festival’s official page 2017 named him as ‘one of Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s important writers’. Preeta Samarasan, author of Evening is the Whole Day mentioned; ‘Faisal Tehrani, has written a thoughtful, complex novel Profesor, about a Malay (therefore Muslim) lesbian struggling with her sexuality since her days at a religious school in one of Malaysia’s most conservative states’.

Among his other best remembered works are Cinta Hari-hari Rusuhan (translated into Indonesian as Lelaki Yang Membunuh Kenangan, published by Bentang Pustaka), 1515 (also in French by Les Indes Savantes), and Bagaimana Anyss Naik Ke Langit (translated into English by Brigitte Bresson as How Anyss Went to Heaven). His latest short story The Koro Report is published by Mekong Review and he is currently extending it as literary fiction. He also has long list of academic works most of his works are on human rights. Seven of Faisal’s books are banned by previous Malaysian government and frequently targeted by religious extremists.