Ratih Kumala


Ratih Kumala was born in Jakarta, 1980. She writes literature as well as film and TV scenarios with over 12 years of experience. She began her writing career in 2003 when she won Jakarta Arts Council Novel Writing Competition with her book Tabula Rasa (2004). Since then, she’s written Kronik Betawi (2008), Gadis Kretek (2012), short story anthology Larutan Senja (2006), Bastian dan Jamur Ajaib (2014), as well as a novella titled Wesel Pos (2018). Gadis Kretek had been translated into English, German, and Arabic. In 2012, the same novel was shortlisted for best prose in Khatulistiwa Literary Award, while Bastian dan Jamur Ajaib was longlisted for the same award in 2015.

Sponsored by Komite Buku Nasional, she participated in writer’s residency in England and Netherlands. The Potion of Twilight, English version of Larutan Senja, was launched in London during the residency, while Wesel Pos was launched in Leiden, Netherlands. She currently resides in Jakarta as full-time writer.