Stephanos Stephanides


Stephanos Stephanides is a poet, essayist and memoirist, translator, ethnographer, and documentary filmmaker. He was born in Trikomo, Cyprus and was taken to the UK by his father when he was eight. He completed his PhD at Cardiff University, and had lived intermittently for three years in Spain, Portugal and Greece. He spent six years teaching literature at the University of Guyana and lived in Washington DC for seven years before returning to Cyprus in 1992 as part of the founding faculty of the University of Cyprus. He retired as Professor of English and Comparative Literature in 2017.

Selections of his poetry have been published in more than twelve languages. He held residential writing and research fellowships at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies; the Bogliasco Foundation, Italy; JNIAS at JNU, India; and Rhodes Centre for Writers and Translators, Greece. He is a writing fellow of the International Writers Program of the University of Iowa, a fellow of the English Association, and Cavaliere of the Republic of Italy. Representative publications include Translating Kali’s Feast: the Goddess in Indo-Caribbean Ritual and Fiction (2000), Blue Moon in Rajasthan and other poems (2005), and The Wind Under My Lips (2018).