Budi Darma, Azhari Ayub, Clarissa Goenawan 

Outside of The Fence: A Conversation of Three Authors

Through Orang-orang Bloomington (Bloomington People), Budi Darma took his readers on a journey to the many facets and psyches of humanity in a place set in America. But is he actually writing about the people of Bloomington or are they merely people of Surabaya, East Java, where Darma resides, with Indiana as the backdrop?

Meanwhile, Clarissa Goenawan’s literary debut, Rainbirds, took place in an imaginary place in Japan. Is Goenawan writing about Japanese people or are they actually Singaporeans in a Japanese setting?

If the two previous authors wrote about places outside of their own milieu, Azhari Aiyub’s ambitious novel of 960 pages, Kura-Kura Berjanggut, is firmly rooted in the local context although it tells the tale of an epic adventure set in 16th century Aceh. What does it take for Aiyub to relive, or rather perhaps, recreate this world?

On this special night, acclaimed authors Budi Darma, Clarissa Goenawan, and Azhari Aiyub will share their experiences on their writing processes, the places and time they choose to write about, and how they make these imagined worlds believable to the readers.

Author’s Talkshow with Budi Darma, Azhari Ayub, Clarissa Goenawan


21 August 2019


18:30 - 19:15
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