Reading Nights #1

Anya Rompas
Memories, places, moments, the specific details and the personal are elements that consistently appeared on Anya Rompas’ works. As one of the founders of Bunga Matahari online poetry community, she will share her thoughts on whether the Internet has played a part that made it possible for readers and writers to discover one another on the Inequality 4.0 panel.

Azhari Aiyub
Azhari Aiyub’s magnum opus, Kura-kura Berjanggut, is an epic tale of adventure mixed with local history set in 16th century Aceh. Catch Azhari on a conversation with Budi Darma and Clarissa Goenawan sharing his writing process to recreate a world believable to the readers through his 900-page, award-winning novel.

Eliza Victoria
Eliza Victoria writes poems, short stories, novels, and graphic novel, and merge horror, fantasy, as well as science fiction in her works. During the festival, she will share her thoughts on the promise of the Internet as the ‘Great Equaliser’, especially in giving authors an even chance to be more widely read.

Faisal Tehrani
Known as ‘Malaysia’s rebel author’, seven of Tehrani books was banned by the previous Malaysian government. At the festival he will speak at a symposium panel on ‘Reading Each Other’.

ZP Dala
South Africa is home to the largest population of Indian descent, and Gandhi’s legacy became almost synonymous with this community. However, according to Zainab Priya Dala, a fourth-generation South African Indian, the story of her community is much more than about Gandhi. “..That even though as South African Indians we are identified with Gandhi, most of us don’t really know much about him,” Dala said. Catch her on our ‘Against Biases’ symposium panel and on Reading Nights.



21 August 2019


19:20 - 20:35


Plaza Teater Besar, Taman Ismail Marzuki
Jl. Cikini Raya No. 73 Jakarta Pusat


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