Reading Nights #2

Bejan Matur
Bejan Matur believes there is no frontier between poetry and life. She travels the world like a long-term desert nomad. As a columnist for Turkish newspapers, she is interested in Kurdish politics, Armenian issues, day-to-day politics, minority issues, prison literature, and women’s issues.

Hendri Yulius
His knowledge on public policy and the study of gender & culture that he took enable Hendri Yulius to produce a lot of writings on gender politics and sexuality in various national and international media. His two books, Mantra Lilith and Coming Out are the results of his thoughts on gender and sexuality.

Prabda Yoon
Prabda Yoon’s The Sad Part Was is the first translation of Thai fiction to be published in the UK. And through it, we get glimpses of authentic contemporary Bangkok life. A multidisciplinary artist, Yoon also makes films that premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2016 and at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2017.

Shenaz Patel
“Try to unearth the untold, the unsaid, approach our secret humanity, dig deeper into things and people’s lives, with the broken but stubborn nails of words”;  this is what Mauritian writer Shenaz Patel tries to pursue through her writings.


22 August 2019


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